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Digital Dentistry

Digital Dentistry

Are you wanting to replace old leaky silver fillings?

Have you been told you need a crown but don’t have the time to waste 2-3 appointments?

Do you dislike being numb over two appointments and having the dreadful mouth moulds to get your crowns done?

Do you have large white fillings that keep failing and breaking?

Our surgery leads the way with Cerec Digital dentistry technology that eliminates everything that you have ever hated as listed above.

We now need just one simple appointment where your tooth is digitally scanned with a very comfortable and lightweight scanner, your dentist has the ability to design your filling or crown and whilst you have a short break, your filling or crown is being cut from a high strength ceramic block and ready within a few minutes to be fitted and cemented into place. We invite you to come and see what the fuss has been about with this break through technology and be one of many of our patients who enjoy seeing their dental crown being cut out of a ceramic block.