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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental Implants


Dental implants have become the best option to replace a missing tooth. Whilst previous traditional fixed bridges which were placed to replace a missing tooth meant that the adjacent teeth had to be trimmed and cut back to allow for a bridge to be placed over the teeth, dental implant technology now allows us to place an implant quite easily with minimal trauma and pain. Where you once had a missing tooth, a dental implant can provide you with the strongest option to have a free standing artificial tooth with no damage done to adjacent teeth and allowing you the ability to clean and floss quite easily.



Am i candidate for a dental implant?

Before such a treatment option is undertaken, our doctors will have you undertake a 3d scan of your bone to asses the type of bone, amount of bone and quality of bone in order to make sure that the implant can be placed safely and with long term success. Other factors such as your medical health, type of gums, the health of adjacent and opposingĀ  teeth and the general oral health some of many other things that are assessedSlide7


How long will a dental implant last me?

All current research shows that over 90% success rate for dentalĀ  implants over a 2o yr period was achieved. There are several factors which can cause early implant failure and these include having diabetes, osteoporosis, chronic heavy smoking, poor oral hygiene etc. If you maintain regular dental check ups and maintain a very good oral hygiene philosophy and remain healthy, then you give yourself the best chance of having dental implants lasting for a very long time.