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For Parents

For Parents

The doctors at Professional Dental are very well trained in treating young children and making what can be an anxious and distressful time at a dentist one that is pleasant with fun, laughter and good proper dental care.



Our doctors have a keen interest and extensive experience in the overall general health and dental health of growing children. We not only provide you with an ongoing dental assessment but also an assessment on your child’s proper nasal breathing, sleeping and development of the face and jaws. We provide early intervention treatment in cases where a child demonstrates a deficiency in the proper development of the dental arches and/or jaws at the relevant stages of your child’s development


We believe children need to be gradually exposed to dental treatment and where possible kids are eased into treatment by starting off with the easiest and pain free treatments and then gradually into much complex treatment if need be. We believe training and educating young children is important and we strive to continually educate kids and parents through the use of videos and instruments. This we hope can lead the child and parent on a path of good health and hygiene avoiding unnecessary painful treatments later.